Movie time for Parents = Talk time for Marabelle

Marabelle just went to bed after hanging out with the youth group in the woods on this wet, chilly, misty Halloween evening. We had a hayride, scavenger hunt, bonfire, and food for all the kids. I hope everyone had a good time. I think they did. :) Marabelle stayed cozy warm and dry in a nice snow suit and lots of layers, tucked inside her carrier on Mom.

While watching Pirates the other night, Marabelle decided to chat up a storm and play with the pillows on the couch…and apparently I decided to try clapping an obscene amount while taping her? :)

(Dad, this one’s dedicated to you for for your request for all the Great Aunts to hear her voice. )

She’s Here! (Two Months ago…But really 5 months ago now!)

Marabelle Grace was born at 1:47 am Friday, May 4! She’s a very happy, good baby and already typically sleeps through the night. We like that! We enjoy her so much. She’s a blast.

The last two months have flown by and Marabelle is getting bigger all the time. This afternoon she gets her first set of shots. Hopefully she does ok with them.

5 Months Ago Today…

Five months ago today, Marabelle Grace entered the world and filled our lives fuller than we could even imagine possible. It’s gone so fast. In the midst of chaos, business, travel, responsibilities, sorrow, and loss this little nugget has been a joy, a blessing, a reminder that our time is short and only borrowed…that God is Good.


I would have never thought being a mom could be so fun and enjoyable…even in the difficult moments of fussiness, screaming, not knowing what on earth to do next. This girl makes me smile and laugh every. single. day. We’re so thankful God allows us to raise her and love her.

Any Time Now…

Well, we’re a week away from our “due date” with the baby. So, we’re waiting to see when he or she decides to grace us with their presence…now? Two weeks from now? Who knows! We’re both starting to run out of torso room over here though. :)

We’ve had a whirlwind month, a couple baby showers, and lots of generous friends and family giving us gifts for baby. We are definitely all set on newborn onesies, socks, and blankets!!! Newborn cloth diapers are on their way. Yep. I think we’re as ready as we’re going to be at this point.

34 Weeks Down, 6 +/- to Go!

Well, time has flown and we find ourselves gawking at the time left before a baby shows up and flips our lives upside down…because we really can’t fathom at this point how different life will be.

Ty has had multiple week-long things come up to plan for the summer and asks whether or not he should, whether I’d be ok with it. And I have no clue! Sure, I’m fine with him being gone for a week stretch…multiple times…right now. But what am I really going to think of that once a baby is here and I’m on my own or making plans to go be with other people.

Seriously. We cannot even begin to know.

34 Weeks Pregnant and August 2011...we joke that we've glued something on to the front of me.

I’m still getting told frequently how small I am. Granted, I haven’t changed much anywhere else but my stomach and legs, but it can get old when I have trouble bending over, getting up, finding clothing that covers my stomach adequately…and am weighing (20 lbs more than normal) the most I’ve ever weighed in my entire life! …And then some people continue on, with their gushing about how small I am, to compare me with people who are pregnant right now or recently had a baby…and then they tell me who they’re comparing me with…they’ve have had multiple children…as in 3 or more. I then kindly inform them of the inequality of that comparison…of course I’m going to be smaller! LOL!

I’ve decided two of four things when this interesting conversation happens:

1. They don’t know me very well or see me often, so they don’t really know what I look like normally.

2. They see me very frequently, and maybe don’t pay attention to what I look like…I’m ok with that. :)

3. They imagine the 40 weeks pregnant women about to fall over, or the women who have had multiple kids, or the women who are very small and look like their going to fall over for half their pregnancy because there’s nowhere for the baby to go but out! haha!

4. I should carry a picture around with me of what I look like normally, so I can whip it out and say, “Ok, compare me with myself and tell me I’m small right now.” That would be weird though, so I’m not going to do it. :)

Ty has no problem telling me how big I’m getting…over and over. I wish I could record his reactions and interactions in relation to my stomach, being pregnant, etc. HILARIOUS. It makes me laugh a lot.

Moving on…New Topic(s)!

It’s been a busy, good, hectic, fun, crazy, adventure-filled, overwhelming, frustrating, energetic year so far! Seriously, I’m kind of looking forward to summer not only because of warm weather, but also because we’re going to try our darndest to make it one where we’re home more than gone and low-key. Yes, please. I will take one of those.

Church retreat was good, Snow Camp (this past weekend) was really really good, and Modeling Modesty (for Jessica) started well yesterday…I think/hope! Ty’s grad class has gone well so far, although it hit him about a month ago of how stressful he made his life by waiting to take a class this semester rather than earlier. The class gets done the Monday of my due date! haha I’ve enjoyed helping him work through writing papers though and hearing what the class is about…curriculum development/standards! Doesn’t sound exciting, but it is to me…maybe I was just craving learning about something new.

One blessing in the madness: Prom got moved to the middle of May and the parents have really pitched in and taken on the bulk of planning and motivating the kids! It’s been a big weight off Ty. And I’m in the process of designing tickets right now!

This Saturday, Ty and I head down with Jeremy and Jana to visit Grandpa Morrison for the weekend, other very cool family members in the Saginaw area, and to get our teeth cleaned and visit the wonderful staff my aunt has at her office! It sounds like Ty and Jana are not excited about that part of the trip. :) But we are all looking forward to getting to spend some time together and visit family!

Like most, we have had a very strange winter. We didn’t get much snow…and it is definitely gone now where the sun can reach…go in the woods and there’s still a little. That doesn’t count. HA! Yesterday at 10 or 11, I opened the windows (that I’m able to open right now…we need the storm plexi off asap!) and doors to let in the fresh air…by 3 it was 70 degrees…in March. I’m not complaining! It’s been gorgeous outside!!! My kind of weather! (Although, I am glad I wasn’t pregnant in the summer…I understand now what ladies mean when they say that. Plus, it’s hard to breath when you’re warm!)

I’m off to sew, clean and design on this beautiful first day of spring!

2011 Christmas Letter


Merry Christmas! We wanted to share a few highlights from our year…it’s hard to pick from everything that happened! It was a great year.

Ty was glad to be done with the 2010-11 school year…it was a long one! We started the summer off with a big bang; two weeks away from home! We took a week long trip with Pete, Leah and the kids to Wisconsin to visit friends. It was a lot of fun and it was great to visit so many people we don’t get to see. Ty and his dad took a week long class at Michigan Tech on the research boat (sounds pretty rough, huh?). Mom Elenbaas and I hung out at the cabin crafting and trying to stay cool in the heat…

Ty had the opportunity to be the speaker for a week at UP Bible Camp. It was a great week. We are still involved with our church and the youth group at our church and really appreciate the opportunity to spend time with the kids. We pray each one would desire and choose to have a relationship with Jesus.

I was busy gardening when the weather permitted this summer. We had a few potatoes, lots of tomatoes, and even some peppers! We tried experimenting with onions…we need to beef up the soil some more. They didn’t like the sandy soil we have here!

The summer was BUSY and this school year hasn’t slowed down much, but did come with a big surprise. In the midst of getting started with the adoption process, we found out we’re going to have an addition to our family this spring. The timing may end up being “perfect”…Ty’s advisor for the class responsible for prom this year, which has been scheduled for the same time baby is expected. Maybe we’ll make prom extra exciting this year… haha!

This school year has been going really well for Ty. The school hired a jr. high math teacher, so it’s given him a little bit of a break…he actually has a prep hour in the middle of the day now!

I hope to keep our blog updated more frequently, especially after the baby comes to keep everyone updated (with pictures!). If you want to check it out, it’s

We hope you’ve had a great year filled with joy!


Ty & Jessica

Gardening Things to Remember for the Future!

I spent the day making applesauce with the Millers and friends. Very fun. I’m processing 21 quarts right now! We had a total of 85 quarts when everything was said and done plus bowls of fresh to go home with everyone. YUM.

Tonight, after a bridal shower, Diane and I headed to a lady’s home with BEAUTIFUL flower and vegetable gardens. She shared all kinds of great information (and produce!) with us. It was a great time. Here are some things learned to remember in the future:

If you’re growing cucks, Eureka is a great variety for amount produced (lots!!!) and no bitterness.

Bock choy is like celery (and I think a little touch of horseradish taste too). The leaves are tasty and Diane and I think you could use them in lasagna.

Covering broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower with white garden cloth keeps the moths from laying eggs and getting worms.

Covering peppers with the same cloth keeps it warmer, thus increasing production dramatically.

Putting large coffee can size cans around plants keeps cut worms away as well as being beneficial in another way that I can’t remember.

Heavy mulch (washed up seaweed from lake for her) is the key to keeping weeds almost completely gone and ground moist even in dry weather.

To cure any type of winter squash and make it last longer (she has had some for 10 months that look beautiful!), treat them gently even though they seem hardy. Without touching each other or piling up, keep them at 85 degrees for 10 days. (She made a makeshift “box” to enclose the squash, used a ceramic heater, and had a thermometer she could see inside to get it to the correct temperature.) After the 10 days, you store them the same way but at 55 degrees. After that, they’ll be ready to store long term.



A Cool Giveaway!

So I entered into a giveaway for a

The giveaway comes from Big Berkey Water Filters and is sponsored by Saving Naturally. At Keeper of the Home, they have one Berkey Light system complete with a 2-pack of filters (a $209 value) to giveaway! Super cool!

I suppose I should share the link if you’re interested too… to enter the giveaway, simply click on the link below to fill out a survey form. Click here to read about Berkey water filters and enter the giveaway!


Well, the closet is mostly done now! I need to find some white paint at a really good price and then the closet will be completely finished…besides me rearranging things of course. :)

I found out the birds that I thought were Tufted Titmouse were actually Cedar Waxwings! A guy stopped by the same day I posted last, asking if he could park in our drive and take pictures of them in the yard. If they were anything like last year, he didn’t get any pictures of them. It’s like they knew when the camera was out. I also learned this from the fact that one ran into the front window this morning and killed itself, leaving a nice smear on the window. (HAHA! I typed window as winder before realizing what I did. LOL) Poor little guy.

And, we got a dusting of snow today! It feels like a wintery day here, so the Christmas music is on. Although it’s not helping motivate me to do work…

Well, here’s the closet and the bathroom, which I decided to change up…the wall with the sink was white while the rest were blue. Not anymore!

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